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Our Nurses are available by appointment. They can give advice regarding minor illnesses, injuries, diet and travel immunisations. They perform a full range of Nursing procedures including injections, dressings, urine testing and ear syringing. They also offer clinics for the following: contraception, asthma, diabetic, high blood pressure and smoking cessation clinics.

Rebecca Finch-Hutchins – Lead Nurse
Rebecca is the Lead Nurse for the Practice. Rebecca works 3 days a week and has an interest in Diabetes. Rebecca is also qualified to deal with a range of Minor Ailments and is also able to Prescribe

Cate Bowles
Cate works 4 days a week and has a Special Interest in Diabetes

Jackie Hodgins
Jackie works 3 days a week and is the lead for Asthma and COPD monitoring

Lucy Goodhew
Lucy works 4 days a week

Health Care Assistant’s

We have two Health Care Assistants who are able to offer blood pressure monitoring, minor wound management, smoking cessation advice and perform all NHS health checks. In many cases our receptionists will signpost you to a HCA rather than a practice nurse.

Charlotte Towers
Charlotte works 4 days a week

Gwen Avent
Gwen works 2 days a week

First Contact Practitioner – Musculoskeletal Specialist

Daryl Newell (F) BSc, MSc, MCSP, MHCPC

Daryl our MSK Specialist, provides a Musculoskeletal First Contact clinic. The role of the clinic is to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate exercise programs, treatments or referrals for musculoskeletal conditions. As an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist she is also qualified to refer patients directly for blood tests, imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound, MRIs, etc), and secondary care, such as rheumatology or orthopaedics. In addition, where appropriate, she is also qualified to administer steroid injections.